Biogas de Juárez, S.A. de C.V. is a company 100% conformed by mexican capital, especialized in extraction, burn and use of methane gas that comes from the sanitary landfill of Ciudad Juárez.
Biogas burning reduces the greenhouse effect gases polluting potential by 21 times when transforming methane gas (CH4)into carbon dioxide(CO2) and water (H2O).



Biogas de Juárez main objective is to reduce greenhouse effect gases, capturing and using methane gas generated by the decomposition of organic remainders from Ciudad Juárez landfill.

An strategic relationship with the company Smart Soil Energy from Canada is maintained.; They own the patents of the equipment and procedures to use, so it guarantees the right application of the technology by a 100%.

For the registry of the project on United Nations Organization we count on the support of TÜV SUD specialized on the validation of document Design of the Project (DDP).

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Biogas de Juárez has the capacity to generat electric power from renewable sources at the time it contributes to the preservation of global environment..

Electric Power Generation is implemented on two phases:

  • For phase I, (starts on January 2008) we'll have an installed capacity to generate 6.4 MW of electricity.
  • On phase II, projected to start on January 2011, installed capacity will be increased to reach 20.8 MW.

Greenhouse Effect Gases emission reduction is estimated to be as follows:

CO2Emissions (ton) Time
1,168,383 First 7 years .
2,637,961 After 14 years on operation.
3,854,965 After 21 years on operation.

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Climate Change in Mexico
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